King Director: 11 TV Shows Regina King Directed

the good doctor regina king directed

Regina King is multifaceted. Not only is she an Oscar-winning actress, but she also runs a production company, Royal Ties, alongside her sister Reina. And the actress who also spends time behind the scenes will make her feature film directorial debut with One Night in Miami.

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A film based on Kemp Powers’ play. It is set on the backdrop of February 25, 1964, when Muhammad Ali (at that time he was known as Cassius Clay) defeated Sonny Liston. Following the fight,  Clay celebrated his win at the Hampton House Motel in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. He did so because he was unable to stay on the island because of Jim Crow-era segregation laws.

He celebrated his win with three of his friends: singer Sam Cooke, activist Malcolm X, and football star Jim Brown. The next morning, the men emerge determined to define a new world. In One Night in Miami, Powers aims to pinpoint exactly what happened during those pivotal hours.

READ: King Director: 11 TV Shows Regina King Directed

This film is by far her biggest feat behind the scenes thus far. However, it isn’t the first time Regina King directed something. It may just be the first time you have been aware of just how talented King truly is.

As we celebrate her biggest accomplishment of the year, check out the 11 TV show episodes Regina King directed that you didn’t know about




SOUTHLAND regina king directed

Southland | Episode: “Off Duty”

She wasn’t just a main character in the series, Regina King directed an episode during the show’s 5 seasons stint.




being mary jane regina king directed

Being Mary Jane |  6 episodes

While King never made an appearance on Being Mary Jane, she was apart of six of the series’ episodes. Regina King directed four episodes during season 2 and two episodes during season 3 of the Gabrielle Union-led series.




regina king directed

Scandal | 2 episodes

Regina King directed two episodes of Shonda Rhimes’ hit series. She directed, season 4, episode 17 “Put a Ring on It”. Also during season 5, she directed episode 14, “Pencils Down.” We do wish King would’ve made an appearance on the show as well.



the catch regina king directed

The Catch | Episode: “The Princess and the I.P.”

The Catch may have only been on the air for two seasons but King was still able to add it to her directing resume. Regina King directed the fourth episode of the first season, titled “The Princess and the I.P.”




animal kingdom regina king directed

Animal Kingdom | Episode: “Child Care”

King directed the sixth episode of the first seasons of TNT’s crime drama series.




Greenleaf | Episode: “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

After five seasons, Greenleaf has ended. And while we are still sad to have said goodbye to OWN’s church drama series, King is probably grateful she made a mark in the show. The multifaceted star directed ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici.’ That is the 12th episode during season 1.

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pitch regina king directed

Pitch | Episode: “The Break”

Pitch didn’t make it past first base  but before it struck out, Regina King directed the  fourth episode of its only season, “The Break.”




this is us regina king directed

This Is Us | Episode: “The 20s”

This is Us is currently on its fifth season. And within its many emotionally-driven episodes, King directed an episode during its second season, episode six. The episode is titled “The 20s.”




shameless regina king directed

Shameless | Episode: “Fuck Paying It Forward”

After 11 seasons, Shameless has ended and within those 11 seasons, King joined the misfits of the Southside to direct one episode of the Showtime series.  Regina King directed the fourth episode of its season 8 titled “Fuck Paying it Forward.”

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the good doctor regina king directed

The Good Doctor | Episode: “Heartfelt”

For the fourth to last episode of the first season of The Good Doctor, King found herself behind the camera directing an episode that gave a teen girl the ability to live life, not confined to her home.



insecure regina king directed

Insecure | Episode: “Ghost-Like”

Most recently Insecure announced it will be ending after its upcoming fifth season. News that is upsetting to say the least. However, one caveat is knowing Regina King worked her magic behind the scenes. She directed the season finale of the third season, “Ghost-Like.”



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