Will Smith to Star In and Produce the Crime Thriller ‘Sugar Bandits’

Will Smith to Star In and Produce the Crime Thriller ‘Sugar Bandits’

Will Smith is set to take on a leading role in the upcoming action-thriller “Sugar Bandits.” The film, based on Chuck Hogan’s book “Devils in Exile,” follows an Iraq War veteran who, alongside fellow veterans, targets the drug trade in Boston. The screenplay, written by Hogan himself, promises a high-octane experience.

Produced by Westbrook Studios, with Will Smith and Jon Mone at the helm, the movie is financed by AGC Studios. AGC International and CAA Media Finance will handle the worldwide distribution rights, showcasing the film at the European Film Market (EFM).

Hogan’s novel “Devils in Exile,” brings to life a gripping tale set in Boston. The story revolves around Neal Maven, an Iraq War veteran facing limited job prospects upon his return. Frustrated with the lack of opportunities, Maven joins forces with fellow soldiers to take matters into their own hands.

The narrative unfolds as this group of veterans forms an elite, vigilante squad with a singular mission – dismantling the drug trade in Boston. However, their journey takes unexpected turns, revealing that the situation is far more complex and perilous than they initially thought. As the team delves into the criminal underworld, they confront challenges that test their loyalty, resilience, and the very ideals they set out to uphold.

Smith, an Oscar winner, recently starred in Antoine Fuqua’s “Emancipation,” and he has a slate of upcoming projects, including the fourth installment of the “Bad Boys” franchise and a sequel to “I Am Legend” with Michael B. Jordan.

“Sugar Bandits” was initially announced in 2013, with Universal developing the feature. The movie, now making waves in the independent market, presents a unique opportunity for buyers. While a director is yet to be attached, the script has already garnered positive attention, marking a significant move for Smith in the indie film scene since his memorable Oscar moment in 2022.

As EFM kicks off in Berlin, “Sugar Bandits” stands out as a major attraction, with its intriguing premise and the star power of Will Smith. The film, with its roots dating back to Universal’s early involvement, promises to captivate audiences with its intense narrative and action-packed storyline.

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