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white men can't jump movie remakes

Movie remakes is a trend that has Hollywood in a chokehold. Whether we love the projects or not, they are happening. And whether we always want to admit it or not, there isn’t one fixed direction on how one story can be told, especially when adapted to match the times we are in.

Currently we are bombarded with movie remakes that are coming out in the next year or two, find out what they are and let us know which ones you are and which ones you aren’t excited about.



house party

House Party

The 90s classic centers on Kid (Christopher Reid) who intends on going to his best friend’s (Christopher Martin) house party, which he is throwing while his parents are out of town. However, when Kid gets into a fight at school, his father (Robin Harris) grounds him. But that doesn’t stop Kid from going. When his dad goes to work at night, Kid sneaks out of the house and makes his way to Play’s house and the party of the school year. The party is fun but Kid N’ Play find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for.

Calmatic directed the remake and production is reportedly complete. The new version stars Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole as the new Kid ‘N Play. Tamera Kissen, Shakira Ja’nai Paye, Andrew Santino, Bill Bellamy, Karen Obilom, and DC Young Fly also star in the reboot.



movie remakes little shop of horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

This 1986 black comedy musical was actually a film adaptation based on the 1982 off-Broadway musical comedy which was a remake of the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors. It centers on a geeky florist shop worker who finds out his Venus flytrap has an appetite for human blood. The film starred Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin, Tichina Arnold, and Tisha Campbell.

The remake is currently underway.





The Preacher’s Wife

The 1996 film follows preacher Henry Biggs who after he begins to doubt himself and his work is visited by an angel, Dudley. Dudley who is supposed to come to earth to help Biggs over his midlife crisis, is soon distracted by the cleric’s wife Julia. The film starred Courtney Vance, Denzel Washington, and Whitney Houston.

The 1996 film was directed by the late Penny Marshall and was actually in itself a remake of the 1947 film The Bishop’s Wife’ based on Robert Nathan’s book of the same name.

Anthony Hemingway is directing The Preacher’s Wife remake that will also see original cast member Courtney B. Vance reprising his role. The film, which is described as a “reimagining” of the original film but will “creatively evolve the story in a new direction.”




bodyguard movie remakes

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard was released in 1992 starring Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp, Bill Cobbs and Ralph Waite. The film follows a former United States Secret Service agent turned bodyguard who is hired to protect a famous actress and singer from an unknown stalker. Kasdan wrote the film in the mid-1970s, originally as a vehicle for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross.

In September 2021 it was announced that there was a remake underway with Tony-nominated The Inheritance playwright Matthew López attached to pen the film. No casting news as of yet.




white men can't jump movie remakes

White Men Can’t Jump

The 1992 film centered on two street basketball hustlers (Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson) who at first try to hustle each other, then team up for a bigger score around LA.

Ron Shelton directed the 1992 film that took in over $90 million at the box office and helped launch Harrelson’s movie career (he was transitioning from the TV show Cheers) and it continued the growth of Snipes’ movie career.

In November 2021, Calmatic, who just finished directing the House Party reboot has been tapped to direct this remake for 20th Century. Kenya Barris and Doug Hall co-wrote the new script.






The infamous Scarface we know and love, which was released in 1983, is a remake of the 1932 film of the same name. It centers on Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who arrives penniless in 1980s Miami and goes on to become a powerful drug lord. The film co-stars Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Robert Loggia.

The remake has been in the works for a decade now, in September 21, according to reports, Universal is considering Michael B. Jordan for the lead role.




movie remakes spawn


In 1997, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn comic book series was adapted into a film that saw Michael Jai White lead the anti-hero blockbuster into a cult classic. Now there is a reboot underway for years but nothing has spawned (get it) from initial development just yet.




blade-throw movie remakes


The 1998 original franchise led by Wesley Snipes, was based on the character who first appeared was in the 1973 comic book The Tomb of Dracula. “Blade” was born as a human-vampire hybrid and has spent his long life seeking to rid the world of vampires like the one that killed his mother. Over the years, he has mastered his own style of fighting monsters of all kinds.⁠

The remake is underway with Mahershala Ali starring as Blade and Delroy Lindo.




the saint movie remakes

The Saint

There’s a remake of The 1997 film The Saint which is based on Leslie Charteris’ 1920 adventure novels. The series followed Simon Templar, better known as The Saint, a Robin Hood-esque criminal and thief for hire who goes on a globetrotting adventure.

The newer version is already underway with Kwame Kwei-Armah penning the script and Regé-Jean Page cast as the new Saint character.




New Jack City

The 1991 film centered on New York City drug lord Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) during the 1980s crack epidemic. Ice-T portrayed Scotty Appleton, a detective who goes undercover in Nino’s gang, the Cash Money Brothers, to bring down the drug lord for taking the life of his mother. Chris Rock was “Pookie” Benny Robinson, a former stick-up kid who becomes homeless and poor after Appleton shoots him in the ankle. Pookie becomes a crack addict and eventually a police informant and infiltrates the Cash Money Brothers.

There is a remake, a prequel and a sequel underway for this film.

the-haunted-mansion-lg movie remakes

Haunted Mansion

The original 2003 movie was inspired by Disney’s spooky Haunted Mansion theme park ride which debuted in 1969. It starred Eddie Murphy as a realtor who becomes trapped in a haunted mansion. Yara Shahidi, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason, and Jennifer Tilly appear in supporting roles.

The remake is already underway. With little to no details, it currently stars Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, and Owen Wilson.





cleopatra jones movie remakes

Cleopatra Jones

The original Blaxploitation film was released in 1973 and centered on Cleopatra Jones, played by Tamara Dobson, who is an undercover government agent who uses the day job of a supermodel as her cover and an excuse to travel to exotic places. She is an invaluable asset to the United States Special Agent assigned to crack down on drug-trafficking in the U.S. and abroad.

The remake is underway with Lovecraft County and Snowfall writer Ihuoma Ofordire penning it.





Cynthia-Erivo-The-Rose movie remakes

The Rose

The Rose is a 1979 Twentieth Century Fox musical romantic drama that followed a self-destructive female rock star who struggles to deal with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of those around her. The film was loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin and originally titled Pearl (after Janis Joplin’s nickname, which was also the title of her last album). The film’s screenplay was revised and fictionalized after her family declined to allow the producers the rights to her story.

The original drama starred Bette Midler as the main character. Alan Bates, Frederic Forrest, Harry Dean Stanton, Barry Primus, and David Keith also starred.

The remake is in the works with Cynthia Erivo is set to star in and produce remake that is set to pay homage to the original while putting a contemporary lens on the high price of fame.





toxic avenger movie remakes

Toxic Avenger

Toxic Avenger was released in 1984 and centered on Melvin, a social misfit who works as a janitor at the Tromaville Health Club. However, one day the mayor’s bullies push him into a vat of radioactive toxic waste. The chemicals cause him to transform into a hideously deformed mutant. He also gets superhuman size and strength and becomes the Toxic Avenger, New Jersey’s first superhero. Overnight he goes from shunned outcast to underdog hero as he races to save his son, his friends, and his community from its corrupt mayor.

The remake is underway with Macon Blair directing Taylour Paige, Peter Dinklage, and Jacob Tremblay.




cheaper by the dozen movie remakes

Cheaper by the Dozen

The original Cheaper by the Dozen came out in 1950 and was based on the autobiographical book of the same name by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. It was first remade in 2003 and starred Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt as the parents to a blended family of 12, navigating a hectic home life and their family business.

For the upcoming remake, Gabrielle Union is starring in it with Kenya Barris attached. The new Cheaper by the Dozen is set to debut in 2022 on Disney+.





the color purple

The Color Purple

Steven Spielberg directed and produced the 1985 film of The Color Purple which was adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1982 novel by Alice Walker. The story follows the lives of African-American women — namely Celie and Nettie Harris, Shug Avery and Miss Millie — in the American South in the 1930s. It depicts African American families and relationships in early twentieth-century Georgia.

The film is being remade into a musical with Blitz Bazawule directing and H.E.R. and Corey Hawkins starring.

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