‘A Man in Full’ Limited Series With Regina King Attached to Direct to Premiere on Netflix, Spring 2024

'A Man in Full' Limited Series With Regina King Attached to Direct to Premiere on Netflix, Spring 2024

Netflix announced the many titles that will be releasing on its platform in 2024 and among those is the much-waited upon ‘A Man in Full’ starring Lucy Liu, Diane Lane, Jeff Daniels, William Jackson Harper, Aml Ameen, Tom Pelphrey, Sarah Jones, Jon Michael Hill and Chanté Adams. The limited series, premiering in spring, is helmed by David E. Kelley, with Regina King directing three episodes.

‘A Man in Full’ follows the story of Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker (Jeff Daniels), facing sudden bankruptcy. As he defends his empire, political and business interests collide, exploring themes of power, morality, and personal choices.

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Harper portrays Wes Jordan, the incumbent Atlanta mayor, striving for reelection against a rising opponent. Ameen takes on the role of Roger White, an attorney for Croker Industries, navigating the complexities of Charlie’s troubles.

Lucy Liu embodies Joyce Newman, the founder of a successful clean beauty company, grappling with a crisis of conscience. Diane Lane portrays Martha Croker, emerging from her ex-husband’s shadow as his real estate empire crumbles, presenting both personal and financial threats.

Pelphrey brings to life Raymond Peepgrass, a frustrated loan officer seeking respect through chaotic means. Jones embodies Serena Croker, Charlie’s second wife, providing stability as his world shifts.

Hill embodies Conrad Hensley, a diligent employee facing a life-altering decision at Croker Industries. Adams plays Jill Hensley, Charlie’s executive assistant, navigating unexpected twists in her personal life.

Based on Tom Wolfe’s bestselling novel, ‘A Man in Full’ will be led by showrunner and writer David E. Kelley, with Regina King as executive producer and director for three episodes under her Royal Ties Productions. The six-episode drama promises impactful storytelling—stay tuned for updates.

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