Adriyan Rae Joins Cast of Mara Brock Akil Netflix Series ‘Forever’

Adriyan Rae Joins Cast of Mara Brock Akil Netflix Series 'Forever'

Adriyan Rae is the latest to join the cast of Netflix’s adaptation of Judy Blume’s 1975 novel “Forever” by Mara Brock Akil. She joins previously cast Lovie Simone, Michael Cooper Jr., Karen Pittman, and Wood Harris.

The series, greenlit by Netflix in 2022, delves into the profound love story between two Black adolescents, Keisha Clark (portrayed by Simone) and Justin Edwards (brought to life by Cooper Jr.), as they navigate the complexities of romance and self-discovery against the backdrop of 2018 Los Angeles. Reflecting the essence of its source material, the show promises to explore the enduring nature of first love, as articulated by Brock Akil.

Regina King is attached as an executive producer and director of the first episode.

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In her recurring role as Brittany, one of Keisha’s older cousins, Rae portrays a character characterized by her ambitious pursuit of social advancement. Despite her penchant for sarcasm and blunt honesty, Brittany serves as a steadfast pillar of support for Keisha and her mother, Shelly, assuming a role akin to that of an older sister. Her spirited presence, often marked by playful banter and endearing nicknames like ‘Urkel’ for Keisha, adds a dynamic layer to the narrative.

Simone’s character, Keisha Clark, is a confident, smart, and fiery track star with clear post-high school life aspirations. On the other hand, Cooper Jr. plays Justin Edwards, a young man with a nerdy heart hidden in an athlete’s body, aspiring to excel in D1 basketball and surpass his successful parents.

Pittman plays Dawn, a college-educated top executive in corporate finance with an easy elegance that belies her loving but paranoid form of parenting. Justin’s (Cooper Jr.) mother, Dawn, might be strict at times, but it’s always out of love. She has worked hard to give him the things he needs to succeed in life and wants him to make smart decisions.

Harris portrays Eric, a restaurateur with a high school and life degree, the more lenient parent who always plays referee. Justin’s (Cooper Jr.) father, Eric, knows that his son feels immense academic and athletic pressure to obtain a higher education and not mess up the head start his family has worked so hard to provide him. He has a good relationship with his son, and though he’s not as intense as his wife, he has a clear set of boundaries.

This project marks the first series under Mara Brock Akil’s Netflix overall deal, signed in 2020. As the showrunner and executive producer, Brock Akil is adapting Blume’s novel for the screen. Other executive producers include Judy Blume, Regina King, Susie Fitzgerald, Erika Harrison, Sara White, Reina King, and Shana C. Waterman.

Rae’s credits include Paramount+’s reboot of The Game, Vagrant Queen, Chicago Fire, Light As A Feather, Superfly, Burning Sands. She’s also guest starred on shows like Atlanta, American Soul, and Star.

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