‘Becoming King’ Documentary Chronicles David Oyelowo’s Transformative Journey as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [TRAILER]

becoming king

Paramount+ is set to premiere Becoming King documentary exclusively on its streaming service starting Monday, February 19. Directed by Jessica Oyelowo, the film provides a poignant glimpse into the seven-year odyssey of actor David Oyelowo as he prepared for and portrayed the iconic civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in the 2014 film ‘Selma.’

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This emotional portrait is enriched with behind-the-scenes footage, intimate home videos, and interviews featuring Ava DuVernay, Lee Daniels, George Lucas, and Oprah Winfrey. The documentary traces Oyelowo’s trajectory from his humble beginnings in Nigeria to the arduous path leading to the role of a lifetime and a fulfilled destiny.

Jessica Oyelowo, making her directorial debut, expressed her deep commitment to capturing the profound journey of her husband’s career-defining role. “I felt a deep need to document David’s intense preparation for his career-defining role even before Selma was greenlit,” she shared. “I was ready to embrace the challenge and am so happy to play a pivotal role in bringing David’s incredible journey to the screen.”

Watch trailer below:

Released in celebration of Black History Month, “Becoming King” takes center stage in the Black Voices Collection on Paramount+, showcasing a diverse array of films, TV series, documentaries, and comedy specials that highlight the stories and contributions of Black trailblazers in the arts, culture, and history. The collection includes other David Oyelowo-starring films such as SELMA and THE BUTLER, along with the series LAWMEN: BASS REEVES.

As the documentary marks Jessica Oyelowo’s directorial debut, she adds another facet to her multi-faceted career, which includes acting, producing, singing, and songwriting. In addition to being an executive producer of the acclaimed series LAWMEN: BASS REEVES, Jessica is also the co-chief executive officer of Yoruba Saxon, the production company she founded with her husband in 2014. Last year, she released a storybook album titled “(M)other.”

“BECOMING KING” is a collaboration between Yoruba Saxon and MTV Entertainment Studios, with David Oyelowo and Jessica Oyelowo serving as producers.

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