BET+ is Developing Two New Shows from Comedian Ms. Pat: “Krack Babies” and “HUD” + Renews “The Ms. Pat Show”

bet plus ms. pat krack babies hud

BET+ has announced two exciting new shows from Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams, alongside the renewal of her Emmy-nominated series, “The Ms. Pat Show,” for a fourth season.

Williams, known for her raw and authentic storytelling, has captivated audiences with her memoir, “Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat,” which serves as the inspiration for “The Ms. Pat Show.” The series delves into Williams’ extraordinary journey, chronicling her evolution from a drug dealer and convicted felon to a suburban mother. With its renewal for a fourth season, fans can anticipate another hilarious and heartwarming installment that promises to surpass all previous seasons.

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However, the real buzz lies in the two new projects Williams has in the works. The first is an animated series titled “Krack Babies,” which draws from her childhood experiences growing up in 1980s inner-city Atlanta. The show paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by children in a chaotic environment, attending classes at Jim Crow Elementary while navigating the streets riddled with dealers and liquor houses. “Krack Babies” promises to offer an adult-oriented animation that fearlessly tackles real-world issues, reminiscent of the beloved show “Hey Arnold!” Williams, along with the production powerhouses Starburns Industries and Reg Tigerman, will serve as executive producers, ensuring a compelling and authentic portrayal of her upbringing.

Explaining the essence of “Krack Babies,” Williams clarified, “When I use the words Krack Babies, I’m talking about growing up in a system where kids fall through the cracks; it’s not about crack in America and Black communities. I’m one of those kids that fell through the cracks, but somebody wanted me, and I came back up. It’s about me and so many kids growing up in the inner city in animation form. It’s gonna be great, watch what I tell you.”

The second project, “HUD,” is a half-hour workplace comedy that sheds light on the often-unexplored world of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Inspired by her own upbringing in a family that relied on Section 8 housing, Williams aims to showcase the tireless efforts of public servants in the government sector, working to help individuals transition out of assistance programs and improve their lives. Executive produced by Williams, alongside Patrick Walsh and Aaron Kaplan, and with Vincent Bryant serving as supervising producer, “HUD” promises to be a refreshing and entertaining take on the intricacies of public service.

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While fans eagerly anticipate the return of “The Ms. Pat Show,” they can also look forward to these two new projects that highlight Williams’ unmatched storytelling prowess and commitment to authentic narratives. With her overall deal with BET, Williams is poised to make a lasting impact across various platforms, bringing her distinctive voice and experiences to a wide range of audiences.

In the meantime, fans can catch Williams on her highly anticipated theater tour across the United States, commencing on September 8 at Bomhard Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky.



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