BET Plus Renews Fashion Drama Series ‘Haus of Vicious’ for Season 2

BET Plus Renews Fashion Drama Series 'Haus of Vicious' for Season 2

BET+ has officially renewed the drama series “Haus of Vicious” for a second season, comprising eight episodes. The upcoming season will see Tami Roman reprising her role as Chantel Vivian, alongside a talented ensemble cast.

Joining Roman are Redaric Williams as Kane, Erica Peeples as Jaelyn, Norman Nixon Jr. as Milan, Kyler O’Neal as Izzy, Brely Evans as Avery, Vincent Ward as Bishop, Lyric Anderson as Tia, John Marshall Jones as Trevor, and Ella Joyce as Carolyn.

The narrative of “Haus of Vicious” continues to follow Chantel Vivian, a gifted fashion designer grappling with a range of personal challenges, from a tumultuous marriage to addiction and lingering childhood trauma.

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Jill Ramsey, Executive Producer and Showrunner of Roman Ramsey, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming season, emphasizing its relevance in addressing the lasting impact of childhood experiences on adult lives. Ramsey highlighted the exploration of Chantel and Kane’s upbringing and its manifestation in their present struggles as a central theme for Season 2.

“The messaging in Season 2 is incredibly poignant and relevant. Haus of Vicious delves into how childhood trauma conditioning continues to impact our adult lives. Chantel and Kane’s internalized experiences from their upbringing play out in their present lives. In Season 2, we plan to further explore this dichotomy and the collision of past and present”

Tami Roman, who portrays Chantel Vivian, shared her aspirations for the new season, promising viewers an even more riveting narrative filled with unexpected twists and profound storytelling. Roman emphasized the series’ dedication to portraying the journey from dysfunction to healing, regardless of the challenges encountered along the way.

“With Season 2, we aim to bring even more twists, turns, and high-impact storytelling to the lives of the characters that viewers have come to know. We want to creatively showcase the journey from dysfunction to healing, no matter how convoluted the road may be.”

The collaboration between Roman Ramsey Productions and BET+ continues to thrive with the renewal of “Haus of Vicious” for its second season. Executive Producers Tami Roman, Jill Ramsey, and Herb Kimble are set to bring their expertise and creative vision to the forefront once again, with Marvin Neil and Rose Catherine Pinkney serving as executive producers for BET+.

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