Chasten Harmon and John Magaro to star in The Mistress

the mistress
Chasten Harmon and John Magaro to star in writer-director Greg Pritikin’s feature ‘The Mistress.’

The film follows newlyweds Parker (Magaro) and Madeline (Harmon) who move into their dream home – a 1892 Queen Ann Victorian in LA’s historic Angelino Heights neighborhood.

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Shortly after arriving they discover a collection of 100-year-old letters hidden in the walls – desperate and lovelorn correspondence from a young woman who committed suicide after being shunned and abandoned by the owner of the home – a married businessman with whom she was having an affair.

While the tragedy of the mistress’s correspondence begins to manifest with disturbing spectral frequency, Maddie begins to suspect that Parker is hiding something dark from his past.

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The film was inspired by the history of Pritikin’s Angelino Heights home, and was shot almost entirely on the property.

Fledgling U.S. production firm Rivulet Media wrapped production, no release date announced yet.

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