RIP Dark Man X! 13 DMX Movies You Can Currently Stream


Rest in peace DMX. The rapper born Earl Simmons, passed away on Friday, April 9, 2021 at White Plains Hospital in New York. He passed 12 days after having a heart attack after a drug overdose. He was 50 years old.

Simmons is best known for his rapper persona Dark Man X aka DMX and credited for changing the landscape of music during his era. If you ask anyone, there was no one like him before and there will never be another DMX. He was one of a kind. And while he is most known for his music career, he also had a successful acting career.

The rapper starred in 18 films and guest-starred in countless shows, some as himself and others as a character created. As we celebrate his life, legacy, and contribution check out all the DMX movies you can stream online now.




Synopsis: Ever since they were kids, Sincere (Nas) and Buns (DMX) have lived life close to the edge, doing whatever it takes to survive. As adults, they build up their kingdom of crime on drug dealing and robbery. But Sincere grows weary of the criminal lifestyle and joins a black Muslim religious group. Buns, on the other hand, sinks deeper into criminality and faces serious prison time. The cops offer him a deal, however — assassinate the head of the Muslim group, and he will go free.

Where to stream: Hulu




Romeo Must Die

Synopsis: In this martial-arts take on Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, an ex-policeman is jailed for a crime he didn’t commit and he breaks out to avenge his brother’s death in America. There, he meets Trish O’Day and as they fall in love, she helps him in his search. Her father knows more about Li’s brother’s death than he should and soon he and Li are at war with stunningly choreographed action sequences.

Where to stream: PVOD Amazon, Youtube, etc.




Beyond the Law

Synopsis: A former mobster turned businessman and a police detective must contend with a dirty ex-cop looking to bring the killer of his son to justice.

Where to stream: Showtime


Synopsis: An exclusive invite to experience the uncensored raw energy and behind-the-scenes reality of one of hip hop’s most exciting and historic multi-artist tours: the star-studded 1999 Hard Knock Life Tour fearing headliners Jay-Z and DMX along with Method Man, Redman, Ja Rule and Beanie Sigel, as well as rap’s blazing femme fatale, Amil. This is an eye-opening inside look at backstage life on the hip-hop road.

Where to stream: Paramount+



Fast and Fierce: Death Race

Synopsis: Jack is on his way to grabbing the cash prize for an illegal car race in Mexico to California, when a desperate woman, fleeing from her gangster boyfriend who runs the tournament, jumps into his car pleading for help.

Where to stream: Showtime




Cradle 2 the Grave

Synopsis: Master thief Anthony Fait (DMX) pulls off a major jewel heist and somehow manages to escape from the SWAT team that’s pursuing him. A Taiwanese agent named Su (Jet Li) is on Fait’s tail and wants to take him down so that he can retrieve the stolen black diamonds. But when Fait’s daughter (Paige Hurd) is kidnapped by a rival criminal and Su’s ex-partner (Mark Dacascos), Su must work with Fait to save the thief’s daughter and get his revenge in the process.

Where to stream: Tubi





Synopsis: A pimp in the ghettos of the Bronx, N.Y., dreams of a better life for herself and her girlfriend. She soon gets caught in a fierce battle when she comes face to face with a rival who runs an even more dangerous game.

Where to stream: Sling TV



Exit Wounds

Synopsis: Steven Seagal stars as maverick Detroit police detective Orin Boyd, whose take-no-prisoners approach to domestic terrorism gets him booted downtown to the city’s toughest precinct. Multi-Platinum hip hop star DMX stars as the powerful and mysterious crime lord Latrell Walker, whose dicey connections and seemingly unlimited cash make him everyone’s target. Together the two men take on a conspiracy that reaches all the way through the ranks to the heart of the precinct.

Where to stream: Prime




Never Die Alone

Synopsis: A ruthless drug lord, King David (DMX) returns to New York City to start over after years out on the West Coast. When David is fatally stabbed and left in the street, a writer named Paul (David Arquette) discovers him and takes him to the hospital. After David is pronounced dead, Paul finds out that the criminal has left him his personal belongings, including audio recordings of his life story. As Paul listens to the tapes, he hears about David’s violent and troubled past.

Where to stream: Max Go




Death Toll

Synopsis: A powerful drug dealer is ruling the streets of New Orleans, but as the authorities scramble to stop the bloodshed things only get worse on the streets.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime




Lords of the Street

Synopsis: A veteran cop (Kris Kristofferson) and a hit man (DMX) track a drug lord out to retrieve a stash of $15 million.

Where to stream: IMDBtv




Top Five

Synopsis: Though he began in stand-up comedy, Andre Allen (Chris Rock) hit the big-time as the star of a trilogy of action-comedies about a talking bear. Andre is forced to spend the day with Chelsea (Rosario Dawson) a profile writer for the New York Times, whose film critic has just panned Andre’s passion project about the Haitian Revolution. Unexpectedly, Andre opens up to Chelsea, and as they wind their way across New York, Andre tries to get back in touch with his comedic roots.

Where to stream: Pluto TV




The Bleeding

Synopsis: A soldier (Michael Matthias) returns home from Afghanistan and finds that his parents have been murdered and his brother (Vinnie Jones) has been reborn as a vampire king.

Where to stream: PVOD on iTunes

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