National Donut Day: 15 Donut Scenes in Movies

donut scenes in movies

No one ever stops to think hey do donuts get their 15 seconds of fame in movies like “are there any donut scenes in movies?”. And I get it why would anyone actually think like that. Well on National Donut Day, I finally stopped and let that thought bubble up.

Turns out, at least 15 movies have embraced the sweetness of donuts in their storytelling. These round goodies have managed to steal the spotlight, whether they’re spouting off impassioned speeches, serving as the backdrop for an event, or adding flavor to character development. And let’s not forget the infamous Randy’s Donuts, flaunting that gigantic donut atop their spot, which has become a recurring star in many flicks.

Mind you, this list ain’t the be-all and end-all. There are probably more donut scenes I missed, but hey, let’s dive into these 15 donut scenes in movie and, while you’re at it, swing by your local donut shop or hit up a national chain. Oh and because we don’t gatekeep, rumor has it that Dunkin’ Donuts is dishing out donut freebies.

Now, without further ado, feast your eyes on these lip-smacking donut scenes in movies below.



Friday After Next

So many funny scenes happened inside the Holy Moly Donut Shop, but here’s a glimpse of the hilarity in the donut shop that should’ve probably been condemned.



The Ladykillers

The worlds worst robbers try to rob a donut shop.


Sonic the Hedgehog

In this movie, Sonic affectionately refers to James Marsden’s character, Tom, as “The Donut Lord” due to his love for doughnuts.



Power Rangers (2017)

Krispy Kreme takes center stage in this film, as the plot revolves around the characters’ quest to protect the Zeo Crystals, which are located beneath a Krispy Kreme restaurant.



Iron Man 2

After getting plastered, soiling himself before a packed house, and having had a fight with his BFF, James “Rhody” Rhodes Tony Stark does what a lot of us do and eats his feelings. The fact that he does it atop the giant doughnut of Randy’s Donuts is neither here nor there.




In this hilarious scene the donut-shaped creatures called flummels see actual donuts for the first time and believe they are saving them but react wildly when spewing the
insides of the actual jelly donut.




Anthony Anderson’s character in the movie uses eating a lot of donuts as a way to show he’s not guilty while waiting to be interrogated.



Knives Out

A character’s frustration about the evidence in a whodunit is amusingly expressed through a speech about doughnuts.




The trio perform in front of the infamous Randy’s Donut Shop


The Unforgivable

Blake enters a Ruth’s construction site where she’s working and staying uninvited to check in on her and offers donuts and a coat — it establishes his feelings for her.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze II

The Turtles attempt to convince their adversaries to join their side by offering them doughnuts



Boogie Nights

After being brutally rebuffed by the bank while trying to get a loan for his own stereo store, Buck (Don Cheadle) stops by a donut shop to purchase some sweet confections. A robbery takes place, leaving everyone but Buck dead. Seizing the opportunity, he grabs the bag of cash and opens his stereo store.



Black Dynamite

Trouble follows Black Dynamite wherever he goes, even to a local business called Roscoe’s Chili and Donuts



Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler’s character, Jack, an advertising executive, has to convince Al Pacino to appear in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. The movie takes a humorous turn with Adam Sandler also playing Jill in drag. The end result is Al Pacino calling himself “Dunkaccino.”



Wreck It Ralph

In this Disney animated film, the donut-shaped police officers named Wynnchel and Dunkin harass the titular character. These names are clever references to Winchell’s Donut House and Dunkin’ Donuts. Additionally, when Ralph meets King Candy, he jokingly asks, “Who are you? The guy that makes the donuts?” This line is another nod to Dunkin’ Donuts, recalling the classic commercials featuring a sleep-deprived baker named Fred exclaiming, “Time to make the donuts.”



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