‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ Renewed For Second Season on BBC and Showtime

Dreaming Whilst Black renewed

Dreams continue for Kwabena and fans of “Dreaming Whilst Black” as Showtime and BBC announce the series renewal. Co-created by Ali Hughes and Adjani Salmon, the show follows Kwabena, an aspiring filmmaker navigating the challenges of pursuing his dream amid life’s complexities.

Starring Adjani Salmon, Dani Moseley, Rachel Adedeji, Jessica Hynes, and Demmy Ladipo, the series explores Kwabena’s journey from a dead-end recruitment job to realizing his dream of creating a TV show. Salmon describes the show’s premise as, “Along the way, he is quickly confronted with the tribulations of balancing finances, love, and his own sense of reality.”

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Season 2 will release in the U.S. on Paramount+ with Showtime streaming services and on Showtime. In the U.K., it will be available on BBC Three and iPlayer, showcasing a collaboration reflecting the show’s global appeal.

Salmon expresses gratitude for the response, stating, “I’m blessed that we have a chance to entertain da peopledem again.” Nina L. Diaz, President of Content and Chief Creative Officer of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, praises Salmon’s storytelling and expresses excitement for Season 2.

“Dreaming Whilst Black” earned acclaim in 2023, ranking among Deadline’s Best TV of the year and holding one of the BBC’s highest Black viewer share ratings. Co-produced by Big Deal Films and A24, the series transitioned from a web series to the screen, highlighting the evolving landscape of British comedy.

BBC comedy boss Jon Petrie emphasizes the importance of diverse shows, stating, “If you’re a license fee payer…you need to see something that relates to you.” Petrie praises partnerships with companies like A24 and Village Roadshow, recognizing their role in bringing culturally relevant content to the screen.

The success of “Dreaming Whilst Black” signifies not only Kwabena’s triumph but also the broader impact of diverse storytelling. As fans eagerly await Season 2, the show continues to break barriers and capture the hearts of viewers worldwide.

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