National Girlfriends Day: 19 Best Female Friends in TV and Film That Are Friendship Goals

Today’s National girlfriends day. It’s a day that encourages women to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship. And with TV and movies being so pivotal to our lives, it’s important that female friends in TV and film are promoted, it is done in a good light.

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However, that’s not always the case. “Reality TV” and some shows and movies would have you believe that most women are catty, angry, and can’t be friends. But there are some female friends in TV and film that prove just the opposite. They show that we are strong, supportive, fun, beautiful, and loving to one another. That we are there through all facets of life and while we don’t always get along, we do always keep it real with one another. Because we love our sister bond that we call a friendship.

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As we celebrate National Girlfriends Day, here are the 19 best female friends in TV and Film that are friendship goals.


Nisi and Mickey B.A.P.S.

A friendship that pushes you to follow your dreams and take a chance on life.

Where to Stream: N/A



Someone Great Female Friends in TV and Film

Jenny, Erin, Blair in Someone Great

These are the type of friends you survive a breakup with.

Where to Stream: Netflix



oitnb Female Friends in TV and Film

Taystee and Poussey in Orange Is the New Black

These are the friends you survive prison with — if a guard doesn’t kill one of you first.

Where to Stream: Netflix

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girlfriends female friends in tv and film

Maya, Lynn, Toni and Joan in Girlfriends

This is the type of friendship that will curse you out behind your back and to your face at the same time.

Where to Stream: Philo


twenties Female Friends in TV and Film


A friendship that will help you survive your twenties.

Where to Stream: BET, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Amazon Prime



sister sister Female Friends in TV and Film

Tia and Tamera in Sister, Sister

Considering they found out they were a twin in their teens, they are the type of sisterhood to go through a huge life change with.

Where to Stream: N/A

the help Female Friends in TV and Film

Minny and Abileen in The Help

They have a sisterhood that survives racism.

Where to Stream: Netflix



living single Female Friends in TV and Film

Maxine, Regine, Khadija, Living Single

The type of friends who are solid and you enjoy your dating years with.

Where to Stream: Hulu


Katherine, Dorothy, Mary in Hidden Figures

The type of friends who you make history with.

Where to Stream: Hulu



martin female friends in tv and film

Pam and Gina in Martin

These two are there for eachother through whatever jokes Martin has or trouble they get into. They are more than just friends these two are sisters.

Where to Stream: BET+



the game Female Friends in TV and Film

Melanie (Med School), Tasha Mack, Kelly in The Game

A friendship that survives the pro-football life.

Where to Stream: Hulu

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kim whitley Female Friends in TV and Film

Kim and Whitley in A Different World

When they say you meet your best friend in college, Kim and Whitley prove that statement to be true.
Where to Stream: Amazon Prime


moesha Female Friends in TV and Film

Kim, Moesha, Niecy in Moesha

Type of friends you grow up with, they didn’t always get along, but they always kept it real.

Where to Stream: N/A



girls trip Female Friends in TV and Film

Lisa, Sasha, Ryan, Dina in Girls Trip

Type of friends you take a trip with.

Where to Stream: N/A



set it off female friends in tv and film

Cleo, Stony, Frankie, Tisean in Set It Off

The type of girlfriends you rob a bank with.

Where to Stream: N/A



waiting to exhalefemale friends in tv and film

Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, Gloria in Waiting to Exhale

The type of friends you can gossip and share all your relationship woes with. They may not get their romantic situations right but they have one another.

Where to Stream: N/A




They show you that friendships are complex, some will last and some won’t but when you really need your friends or them present to support your dreams (even if begrudgingly) you can count on these four.

Where to Stream: HBO



our song female friends in tv and film

Our Song

This is the friend group that has gone through a lot of trauma but they still have one another which is their saving grace.

Where to Stream: Sling TV



Why Did I Get Married

A friendship that survives terrible marriages.

Where to Stream: N/A


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