Full Circle is An Enthralling Tale of Intrigue and Human Complexity [REVIEW]


“Full Circle” is a thought-provoking and ambitious thriller directed by the renowned Steven Soderbergh and brought to life by the creative vision of Ed Solomon. The series challenges the conventional notion of fatalism by exploring the complexities of fate and free will, portraying life as a tangled web of emotions, self-interest, faith, luck, character flaws, and history.

Set against the backdrop of a mysterious kidnapping, the story unfolds with the murder of Savitri Mahabir’s (CCH Pounder) brother-in-law by a rival crime family in Queens. Instead of seeking immediate retaliation, Savitri, convinced that her family is cursed, embarks on a journey to her home country, seeking a mystical remedy to break the circle of misfortune. Her remedy involves abducting Jared Browne (Ethan Stoddard), the teenage son of wealthy Manhattan couple Sam (Claire Danes) and Derek Browne (Timothy Olyphant).

The strength of “Full Circle” lies in its captivating ensemble cast, with standout performances from Zazie Beetz as the eccentric postal inspector, Melody Harmony, and Jharrel Jerome as Aked, Savitri’s conflicted nephew. CCH Pounder delivers a commanding portrayal of Savitri, skillfully capturing the character’s strength, vulnerability, and unwavering belief in the family curse. Claire Danes impresses with her authentic portrayal of Sam Browne, a woman facing her own secrets and challenges.

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The series expertly balances dynamic action sequences with tense interactions, thanks to Soderbergh’s agile direction. The well-rounded and realistic characters add depth and authenticity to the story, distinguishing “Full Circle” from forgettable thrillers often plagued by underdeveloped personalities.

However, the series is not without its flaws. The plot can become unwieldy, incorporating too many subplots and occasionally overwhelming the audience. The inclusion of the occult and Caribbean folk religion is handled with mixed success, leaving some aspects feeling incomplete.

Despite its shortcomings, “Full Circle” remains an engaging watch, leaving viewers with a profound perspective on the concept of fate. The complex connections between characters and the unpredictability of their actions highlight the intricate nature of human existence. The series raises questions about inequality, justice, and the lasting impact of history, offering viewers a rich and rewarding experience.

With a star-studded ensemble cast and a keen eye for detail, “Full Circle” showcases Soderbergh’s prowess as a director and Solomon’s talent as a storyteller. Although it may stumble at times, the series ultimately weaves a compelling narrative that explores themes of karma and the legacy of colonialism. As a minor work from a major filmmaker, “Full Circle” still manages to complete its arc with aplomb, leaving audiences contemplating the complexities of life’s intertwined paths.

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