Halle Berry, Omari Hardwick’s ‘The Mothership’ Scrapped at Netflix


Netflix has decided not to release “The Mothership,” a sci-fi film starring Halle Berry and Omari Hardwick, after completing filming in 2021. Despite finishing production, multiple delays in post-production led to the cancellation, confirmed by Variety.

Directed by Matthew Charman, known for his work on “Bridge of Spies,” the film revolves around Sara Morse, played by Halle Berry, a single mother whose husband mysteriously disappears from their rural farm. The plot takes an extraterrestrial turn as Sara and her children stumble upon a mysterious object under their home, offering a potential lead to uncover the truth behind the patriarch’s vanishing act. The cast also includes Molly Parker.

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Netflix, in collaboration with MRC and Automatik, had initially backed the project. However, the decision to cancel the release was described as a mutual one, involving the streaming giant, the film’s producers, and the talent, including Halle Berry. Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, revealed that the cancellation resulted from “lots of production issues” and was made after discussions with the production team and talent.

Bajaria, currently overseeing Netflix’s film division in the absence of Scott Stuber, emphasized that everyone involved felt it was the right decision not to release the film and expressed a commitment to explore future projects together.

Despite this setback, Halle Berry remains in collaboration with Netflix, working on the action film “The Union,” where she stars alongside Mark Wahlberg. This follows her directorial debut, “Bruised,” a sports drama that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2020.

While Netflix and the producers have not provided detailed explanations for the cancellation, reports suggest that significant reshoots during post-production were a contributing factor. The decision comes in the wake of Warner Bros. axing multiple films for tax write-offs since 2022, indicating a trend in the industry.

As of now, neither Halle Berry nor Netflix has publicly commented further on the cancellation of “The Mothership.” It remains to be seen what future collaborations will emerge from this setback.

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