Karen Pittman Exits “And Just Like That…” Ahead of Season 3

Karen Pittman Exits "And Just Like That..." Ahead of Season 3

In a surprising turn of events for fans of the hit series “And Just Like That…”, Karen Pittman, known for her portrayal of Nya Wallace, has announced her departure from the show. Pittman, who starred as Nya Wallace in the first two seasons of the “Sex and the City” sequel, will not be returning for the upcoming third season of the popular Max series.

Pittman’s exit from the series follows the departure of another cast member, Sara Ramirez, whose character, Che Diaz, concluded their storyline in the previous season.

Pittman’s decision comes amidst a scheduling conflict involving her roles in other major streaming series. While originally cast as a recurring character in Season 1, Pittman’s performance earned her a series regular status in Season 2. However, her commitments to Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” and Netflix’s upcoming drama series “Forever” have made it impossible to continue her role in “And Just Like That…” Season 3.

According to sources close to the production, efforts were made to accommodate Pittman’s schedule, including incorporating her character into the scripts for the new season. However, logistical challenges ultimately led to the difficult decision to part ways with the beloved actress.

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Max spokesperson expressed regret over the situation, praising Pittman’s contribution to the series and acknowledging the disappointment felt by both the production team and fans. The character of Nya Wallace, known for her intelligence and unapologetic nature, will be missed by viewers.

Nya Wallace, portrayed by Pittman, was introduced as one of the new friends of the core characters – Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte. Her dynamic personality and role as a loyal friend made her a standout character on the show. Pittman’s departure leaves the door open to the fate of Nya’s storyline, especially her budding romance with Chef Toussaint.

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