“Magic City: An American Fantasy:” Drake and Jermaine Dupri Producing Magic City Docuseries

magic city documentary

Magic City, the iconic Atlanta strip club, is set to be the subject of an exciting new documentary series titled “Magic City: An American Fantasy.” The three-part series, produced by Drake’s Dre Entertainment, Jermaine Dupri, and Jami Gertz, has recently wrapped up production. The project aims to delve into the history and influence of Magic City on hip-hop culture over the span of several decades.

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Magic City, often referred to as the “Black Studio 54,” has been a renowned institution in Atlanta since its establishment in 1985. It has played a pivotal role in launching the careers of numerous artists and is known for setting the trend in the music industry. The documentary will provide an exclusive look into the life of the enigmatic founder, Michael “Mr. Magic” Barney, as well as the stories of the women who helped shape the club’s allure.

Directed by Charles Todd, known for his work on “Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away,” the series is produced by Scheme Engine, a BIPOC-owned studio with a strong commitment to women and minority representation. Showrunner and Executive Producer Bayan Joonam, along with Producers Ashley Brooke and Marlowe Blue, ensure that the project offers a unique and authentic perspective. Joonam describes the series as a genre-bending docuseries that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.


Cole Brown, the series creator, emphasizes the significance of Magic City as a symbol of Black entrepreneurship and empire-building in the heart of Black culture. Brown expresses excitement about working with a team that can give this story the authenticity and platform it deserves. “Magic City: An American Fantasy” will explore the rise and impact of the Atlanta strip club on hip-hop culture through interviews with employees, dancers, journalists, management, and a plethora of celebrities, including 2 Chainz, Nelly, Shaquille O’Neal, Quavo, Killer Mike, Big Boi, and many more.

Jermaine Dupri serves as an Executive Producer for the series alongside music executive Michael Mauldin. Dupri shares a personal connection to Magic City, considering it a second home that has witnessed the convergence of celebrities, hustlers, politicians, and locals. He believes it is time to tell the story of Magic City in the right way. From its humble beginnings as a small club with one dancer, Magic City has grown to become an internationally recognized hotspot, attracting superstars such as Michael Jordan, Madonna, Magic Johnson, Travis Scott, and Rihanna.

Magic City holds a special place in Black culture, having been frequented by the notorious drug gang B.M.F. It was also the site of an impactful get-out-the-vote announcement by former Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams in 2020. The documentary series explores the club’s aspirational lifestyle and its influence on the success of Southern hip-hop artists like Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, Future, Migos, and many others.

Jami Gertz, an Executive Producer, actress, and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks team, emphasizes the mysterious allure of Magic City and its deep connections to hip-hop. As someone who considers Atlanta her adopted home, she looks forward to celebrating the city’s vibrant culture through this documentary. “Magic City: An American Fantasy” spans four decades, delving into the intricate web of relationships between hip-hop, crime, women’s sexuality, Black entrepreneurship, and socio-economic politics.

The series promises viewers exclusive access to archival footage, records, and interviews with DJs and dancers from Magic City. It unveils the high-stakes world of drug and crime conspiracies and showcases the lavish champagne-soaked parties attended by hip-hop royalty. The transformation of Michael Barney into Mr. Magic is presented as a true American Dream story, with his club serving as a case study for examining hip-hop’s classic tropes.

The production team was granted exclusive access to Magic City and its founder, Mr. Magic, resulting in rare behind-the-scenes footage and firsthand accounts of what it’s like to experience a night at the club. The documentary series is independently funded, and distribution rights will be handled by CAA’s Bobby Kenner and Joe Aiken, as well as Darrell Miller from Fox Rothschild.

Fans of hip-hop and those intrigued by the cultural impact of Magic City can anticipate the release of “Magic City: An American Fantasy” with great anticipation. The documentary promises to shed light on the captivating history of the club and its profound influence on the music industry when it becomes available to audiences in the near future.

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