‘Man on Fire’ Series Remake in the Works at Netflix

man on fire series remake

Netflix has ordered an eight-episode series of Man on Fire, based on the first two books in A.J. Quinnell’s series, which was previously adapted into two feature films. The series tells the story of John Creasy, a former mercenary on a mission to avenge the death of his friend while protecting his daughter from the same forces that destroyed her family.

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New Regency Productions, the company that financed and produced the 2004 Man on Fire film, will produce the show. The series will be executive produced by Kyle Killen, the writer, and showrunner. The series will be produced in collaboration with Chernin Entertainment and several other executive producers, including former USA/Syfy/Peacock head of originals president Bill McGoldrick.

Man on Fire was first published in 1980, and the Netflix series will be based on the first two books: Man on Fire and The Perfect Kill. The 2004 film grossed $130 million worldwide, making more than double its budget of $60 million.

The novel was first adapted into a film in 1987, starring Scott Glenn as Creasy. However, it was the 2004 film adaptation of “Man on Fire” that gained significant commercial success and critical acclaim. Directed by Tony Scott, the film starred Denzel Washington as Creasy, with Dakota Fanning playing the role of the kidnapped daughter. The film was praised for its stylish visuals, intense action sequences, and Washington’s powerful performance, which earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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The 2004 film grossed over $130 million worldwide, making it a box office hit. Its success led to a resurgence of interest in the “Man on Fire” novel, as well as a renewed interest in the character of John Creasy. The film also inspired a Bollywood remake in 2006, starring actor Sanjay Dutt in the lead role.

The series has been in development for several months, with Netflix and New Regency carefully selecting the right writer and showrunner for the project. The series joins a growing list of character-driven thrillers on streaming platforms, including Amazon’s Jack Ryan and Reacher, as well as the recent Netflix hit, The Night Agent, which debuted last week and has already claimed the top spot in the streaming platform’s rankings. Streamers have found success in this genre, which is likely why Netflix has given the series the green light.

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