You Are Canceled! After 31 Years NBC Cancels the Maury TV Show

You Are Canceled! After 31 Years NBC Cancels the Maury TV Show

You are….canceled. The show that gave us infamous paternity test results, sprinting guests, and iconic camera work is coming to an end. After 31 years NBC has canceled the Maury TV Show.

According to People, the long-running daytime talk show hosted by Maury Povich, 83, will end production on original episodes this Spring when Povich plans to retire. Those episodes will air through September and then the show will air repeats in syndication.

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Maury began in 1991 as The Maury Povich Show under Paramount Domestic Television and was popular for dealing with an array of hot-button topics and social issues centered on Povich’s guests as well as the in-studio audience. In 1998 it was taken over by what is now known as NBCUniversal and shortened its to just Maury.

In May of 2016, the show celebrated a huge milestone as it marked its 3,000th episode and two years ago, the show was renewed through the 2021-2022 television season.

Povich began his career as a radio reporter in Washington D.C. before achieving national fame as the host of A Current Affair in 1986. He stayed with the infotainment series until his departure in 1990.

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His daytime talk show is just one of the many shows that have come to an end in recent weeks. After only one season both The Nick Cannon Show and The Good Dish were cancelled. And antoher NBC daytime show, Judge Jerry was canceled after three seasons. The Wendy Williams show, which was in production for 12 seasons ended, with the door open for reneweal if Williams, who has been out due to illness, decides to return

However with shows ending two new talk shows are coming. Sherri Shepherd is getting her own self-titled show, taking over Wendy’s current Fox time slot this fall and also beginning this fall is The Jennifer Hudson Show.

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