Robert Wisdom Joins Cast of “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf” Prequel Series

The Terminal List: Dark Wolf

Robert Wisdom has been announced as the latest addition to the cast of Prime Video prequel series, “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf.” Joining him are Shiraz Tzarfati and Rona-Lee Shim’on, who will also take on recurring roles alongside the previously revealed ensemble featuring Luke Hemsworth, Taylor Kitsch, Tom Hopper, Chris Pratt, and Dar Salim.

The prequel series, co-created by Jack Carr, the author of the original book, and David DiGilio, promises to explore the backstory of Ben Edwards (played by Taylor Kitsch) as he transitions from a Navy SEAL to a CIA paramilitary operator. Set five years before the events of the main series, it delves into the darker aspects of warfare and the personal sacrifices it demands.

Wisdom will portray ‘Jed Haverford,’ a seasoned CIA spymaster leading a covert Sanction Unit in Europe, overseeing Ben’s evolution into a CIA Contractor. Shim’on takes on the role of ‘Eliza Perash,’ a veteran Mossad operative co-leading the team alongside Haverford. Tzarfati will play ‘Tal Varon,’ a young and rebellious team member mentored by Eliza Perash.

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Additionally, Dar Salim will make appearances as Mohammed ‘Mo’ Farooq, an Iraqi Special Operations Forces officer with a mission to protect his country from internal and external threats.

Tom Hopper will play Raife Hastings, a Navy SEAL known for his skills as a hunter and protector, while Luke Hemsworth will portray Jules Landry, a CIA contractor with a volatile personality hidden beneath his tough exterior.

Alongside their acting roles, Taylor Kitsch and Chris Pratt will serve as executive producers, along with Antoine Fuqua, Kat Samick, Jack Carr, David DiGilio, and others. “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf” is a collaboration between Amazon Studios and MRC Television/Civic Center Media.

With Prime Video confirming a second season for “The Terminal List,” based on Carr’s bestselling novel “True Believer,” fans can expect the prequel series to provide a deeper dive into the compelling narrative world of Jack Carr’s creation.

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