Sharon Leal, Tobias Truvillion, and Erica Mena Join Taye Diggs in Jahmar Hill’s Thriller ‘Last Ride’

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Sharon Leal, Tobias Truvillion, and Erica Mena have joined the cast of Jahmar Hill’s upcoming drama/thriller film “Last Ride,” along with Taye Diggs and Hill himself.

Written and directed by Hill, the movie centers on Sarah (Leal), who hopes to live a better life after leaving her abusive husband, Josh (Diggs), who deals with PTSD. However, her hopes for a fresh start quickly fade when she realizes she is being followed, endangering not only her life but also that of her cab driver, Dmitri (Truvillion).

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Markice Moore, Troy Brookins, Joeisha Jefferson, Rocket West, Kadeshia Samuels, Mia Mendez, Francesca “Fancy” Mars, and Ashaya Laurel round out the cast.

Sarah (Leal) is a laid back, soft spoken, accomplished lawyer who is going through a divorce with her husband, Josh, who deals with PTSD.

Truvillion takes on the role of Dimitri, a hard working cab driver, whose primary focus and reason for living is his young daughter. He finds himself entangled in an unforeseen love triangle that causes him to help his passenger, Sarah, who’s on the run from her ex husband.

Diggs, in the role of Josh, embodies the aggressive and possessive nature of Sarah’s abusive husband. A former military serviceman grappling with PTSD, Josh becomes increasingly obsessed with maintaining control over Sarah, refusing to let her escape the clutches of his abusive hold.

Erica Mena plays Shonda Rodriguez

Jahmar Hill expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I’m excited about this one. We get to see Taye tap into a different role that we’re not used to seeing him in. It’s definitely a blessing to have someone like him who has been killing the game for years lead this film.”

The production of “Last Ride” is scheduled to begin next month in Los Angeles.

Hill will not only direct but also serve as an executive producer through his production company, Jahmar Hill Productions, alongside Gregory Maurice. The film’s producing team includes Joeisha “JoJo” Jefferson, Tyrone Blassingame, Michelle Brooks of BMG Castings, Jenn Pinto, Troy Brookins, Joeisha Jefferson, and Belle Bromfield.

The casting process was overseen by Michelle Brooks of BMG Castings and Jahmar Hill of Jahmar Hill Productions, ensuring a stellar lineup for what promises to be a gripping and impactful cinematic experience.

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