National Siblings Day! 22 Siblings Who Have Acted Together On Screen

Siblings Who Have acted together on screen

There’s something special about seeing siblings working together in the entertainment industry. Perhaps it’s the natural chemistry they share or the undeniable bond that shines through their performances. Whatever it is, it’s undeniable that these sibling collaborations have left a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.

Some sibling duos have become iconic in their own right, with a string of successful projects that have showcased their talents both individually and as a team. Others may have only worked together once, but left an indelible mark on audiences with their on-screen chemistry and dynamic performances.

From the playful antics of the Wayans siblings to the intense drama from the Harris brothers, this list features a diverse array of siblings who have brought their unique talents to the screen together. So keep swiping to check out these siblings who have acted together on screen.


wayans 21 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

The Wayans Family

A family that works together…is the Wayans siblings motto. The Wayans have appearaed in several projects together, including the TV show “In Living Color,” ‘The Wayans Bros, the films “Scary Movie,’ ‘White Chicks,” and much much more.


 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Shamier Anderson and Stephan James

The Canadian brothers shared the screen together in the movies Race and Across the Lines.


 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

The Hodge Brothers

Aldis and Edwin are child actors who made their acting debut in Die Hard with a Vengeance. They also starred in Big Momma’s House, as well as Edwin guest starred on an episode of Leverage which his brother Aldis was a series regular on.


 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

The Bailey Sisters

When Chloe and Hailey aren’t singing together, they are acting together. The duo were regulars on ‘Grown-ish’ and starred as sisters.


Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Harris Brothers

Wood and Steve Harris are both starring in BMF together, the series tells the story of the real-life, American crime family: The Flenorys, set in 1980s Detroit.



vanessa chris Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Vanessa and Chris Williams

The brother and sister siblings appeared together in Ugly Betty. Vanessa was a regular on the series and Chris Williams starred in one episode.

 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

The Smollett Siblings

The Smolletts had their own show called On Our Own which starred all six of the Smollett kids: Jussie, Jurnee, Jake, Jazz, Jocqui and Jojo Smollett. The series, which only ran for one season, followed the trials and tribulations of the Jerrico kids, who were being raised by their eldest brother Josh in the O’Fallon Park neighborhood of St. Louis.


 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Larenze and Lahmard Tate

The Tate brothers starred in the Power series, Power and Power Book II: Ghost as brothers.


ralph 21 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Sheryl Lee and Michael Ralph

Sheryl Lee and Michael Ralph has shared the screen on an episode of Moesha, which Sheryl Lee was a regular on.



 Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together
(Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images)

The Lee Siblings

Spike Lee cast his sister to star in many of his films. And they both starred in films Mo Betta Blues, Crooklyn, Do The Right Thing, School Daze, and Shes’ Gotta Have It, among others together.



Tasha and Sidra Smith

While this duo doesn’t often share the screen together, they both starred in the 1994 film Twin Sitters.



Brandy and Ray J

Ray J starred in the 90s sitcom Moesha led by his big sister Brandy.



mowry Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

The Mowry Siblings

Tia and Tamera most famously starred in the 1994 sitcom, Sister, Sister. They also played twin sisters in the 2005 Disney channel original movie Twitches, and its 2007 sequel, Twitches Too. When it comes to their brother he starred in four episodes of Siste, Sister and the trio also starred in ‘Seventeen Again’


Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen

These sisters have appeared together on stage and screen. They both starred in the TV series and movies together like, ‘Polly,’ ‘The Cosby Show,’ and ‘A Different World,’ and more.



Nixon Siblings

Following in the trend of their famous mother and aunt, Vivian and Norman Nixon have appeared on the show Grey’s Anatomy together. It’s a complete family affair as their mother often directs, stars in, and is an executive producer of the series.


The Williams Trio

Tyler and his brothers Tyrel and Tylen are all actors. They have not done a lot together but both Tyler’s younger brothers guest starred on Everybody Hates Chris, which Tyler was the headliner for.

Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Charlie and Eddie Murphy

Eddie and his late brother Charlie starred in Harlem Nights together.



The McClain Sisters

Sierra, Lauryn, and China Anne also known as Thriii are not just sisters but also a group. They also starred in Daddy’s Little Girls together.


Shahidi Siblings

Yara’s younger brother Sayeed starred in an episode of ‘Black-ish’

megan la'myia Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

Meagan and La’Myia Good

Meagan and La’Myia starred in the movies Video Girl and Death Saved My Life together.


LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat

The sisters starred in Civil Brand together.


Malika and Khadijah Haqq

The twins starred in ATL together as…twins.

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