13 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

allblk-og betplus 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Netflix hit subscribers with another price increase. It was a minor increase but if we think about it, this has been the sixth increase Netflix introduced since 2014 and the total increase overall for the standard tier has gone from $7.99 to now $15.49.

Now is Netflix still worth it for that price? Yes. However so are other streaming platforms that constantly get over looked but are the ones dedicated to pushing Black and brown stories forward.

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So if you have it in your heart to support one or many streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, than you also have it in your budget to support these other streaming platforms that cost far less than the widely-known popular apps.




Bounce TV

Bounce is the first African American broadcast network. It airs on the broadcast signals of local television stations and corresponding cable carriage and features a programming mix of original series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, off-network series and more.
Cost: free

Streaming Recommendation: Johnson which centers on four Black men, Omar, Greg, Keith and Jarvis met in grade school and have been best friends ever since, and they all just so happened to have the same last name, Johnson…no relation. After 25 years of friendship, they are finding themselves in vastly different places in their lives, threatening the unity that has always been so strong. They confront and find humor in the most current controversial social issues from the Black Man’s perspective, ranging from love, marriage, business, politics and religion.

KweliTv - 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Kweli TV

Kwelitv is the place for Black/Latino Films by independent film makers. While other platforms over look our talents if they aren’t backed by big studios, Kweli finds a place for their projects.

Cost: They offer $0/live tv (w/ advertising), $2.99 rentals, $5.99 monthly (with 7-day free trial) or $49.99 yearly (with 7-day free trial)

Streaming Recommendation: Rapulani, which is about a feisty yet emotional little girl still mourning the loss of her mom navigates her way through her confusing emotions using her crazy, wild, magical Afro!

For more information and to sign up: https://www.kweli.tv/



kevononstage 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

KevOnStage Studios

I’m completely biased when it comes to KevOnStage because I’ve been a fan of his for a few years now and watching him come up with his friends and family while creating quality content is why you should support his platform.

Cost:  $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year after 7-day free trial or purchase videos individually

Streaming Recommendation: Coming to the Stage which is a series hosted by Kevonstage where he interviews
guests who have inspired him as they share about their journey to where they currently are and where they plan to go.

For more information: https://kevonstage.vhx.tv/



urbanflixtv 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

UrbanFlix TV

Cost: $3.99/month after the 7-day free trial period

Streaming Recommendation: The fitness series Pump. A celebrity fitness training mogul suffers a mighty fall when his new line of products proves defective. With no money, clout, or prospects, he’s forced to crawl back to gentrified Inglewood to his former job as a trainer at PUMP gym. But to his surprise, everything and everyone has moved on without him and picking up the pieces has never been harder.

For more information: https://urbanflixtv.com/



brown sugar 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Brown Sugar

Its a platform that shows hit movies and TV shows along with the largest collection of classic black cinema

Cost: $3.99/month after the 7-day free trial period

Streaming Recommendation: Down in the Delta, which was directed by Maya Angelou and stars drug-addicted Loretta (Alfre Woodard), who with her two children moves to a small Mississippi town in order to escape the dangers of inner-city Chicago. There, Loretta and her kids are taken in by her gruff uncle, Earl (Al Freeman Jr.), who attempts to instill a work ethic and sense of history in his niece. With the help of Earl’s tough love, Loretta does her best to put her past demons behind her.

For more information: https://www.brownsugar.com/



allblk-og betplus 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To


Formally known as Urban Movie Channel (UMC) and was formed by BET founder Robert Johnson, so you know like his time owning BET, the content is inclusively and unapologetically Black.
Cost: Just $4.99/month, plus taxes where applicable after that.No commitment: cancel within 7 days to avoid payment.
Streaming Recommendation: The series Double Cross. Erica & Eric Cross are the “Wonder Twins” that decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden rise of sex trafficking in their neighborhood. Haunted by their past, the twins set down a path of their unique brand of vigilante justice.

For more information: https://allblk.tv/




fox soul aln 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Fox Soul

FOX SOUL is a new live and interactive streaming channel dedicated to the African American viewer. The programs aim to celebrate black culture and deal with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community through frank and insightful dialogue with local and national influencers.

Cost: free streaming platform
For more information: https://foxsoul.tv/



betplus 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To


BET has been around for decades and while in that time, the ownership went from Black to white. However no matter who or what company has owned it, the content has always been to push the talents of Black and brown people.

Cost: 7 days free, then $9.99 a month
Streaming Recommendation: The Ms. Pat Show. It centers on q formerly incarcerated comedian, Ms. Pat tries to figure out how to survive suburban America with her husband, kids and sister.

For more information: https://www.bet.plus/



black 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Black & Sexy TV

This platform is an independent, black-owned and operated network founded by Dennis Dortch, Numa Perrier, Brian Ali Harding, and Jeanine Daniels. The network produces scripted content that’s sole purpose is to promote projects that are for us and by us.
Cost: $6.99/month after a 14-day free trial. You can also purchase videos individually.
Streaming Recommendation: That Guy, the series and the movie that follows Judah, Mike, Deon, and the rest of the That Guy gang.
For more information: https://www.blackandsexy.tv/




Take OWN’s network everywhere and access all its episodes, live shows, and more, whenever and wherever you want.
Cost: free through participating TV providers

Streaming Recommendation: Ava’s Queen Sugar that tells the story of the estranged Bordelon siblings in Louisiana. At the center of the family are Nova, a journalist and activist; Charley, the wife and manager of an NBA player; and formerly incarcerated father Ralph Angel, who is searching for redemption. Following a tragedy in the family, the siblings must put their complicated lives aside so that they can come together to run the clan’s struggling sugar cane farm. Also involved in the farm are Aunt Violet and family friend Remy Newell.

For more information: https://www.oprah.com/app/own-tv.html



slay tv 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

Slay TV

The premier destination for queen and trans entertainment. It is a post-cable, and post normative. Whatever your identity is, we’re bring you those stories. An entire station dedicated to curating and developing original and honest content that you want to see.
Cost: Free for 30 days. Cancel anytime. Pay $4.99/month

For more information: https://www.watchslay.tv/

Afroland TV

Cost: Watch free anywhere 24/7

Streaming Recommendation: Urban Kitchen, which is a seasoned cooking show, contestants prepare a meal and are surprised by a celebrity guest to judge their skills!
For more information: https://www.afrolandtv.com/



aln 7 Streaming Platforms You Should Be Subscribed To

American Legacy Network

A platform to enjoy classic black films and documentaries, original programming and in the near future scripted historical dramas.
Cost: Free content and $3.99/month after a 7 day free-trial.
For more information: https://www.americanlegacynetwork.tv/

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