Supa Team 4: Netflix Readies First Original African Series About 4 Teen Superheroes [TRAILER]


This is a series the whole family can get behind.

Netflix is set to introduce its first original animated series from Africa, Supa Team 4. Created by Malenga Mulendema, Supa Team 4 features an exceptional cast, bringing the characters to life with their remarkable performances. Zowa Ngwira, Namisa Mdlalose, Kimani Arthur, Nancy Sekhokoane, Pamela Nomvete, and John MacMillan lend their voices to these dynamic and relatable characters, captivating audiences with their talent and bringing authenticity to the series.

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Supa Team 4 follows the adventures of four teenage girls who find themselves thrust into a world of espionage and heroism. These ordinary schoolgirls, who once bonded over homework and friendship, are unexpectedly recruited by a retired secret agent with an unwavering commitment to saving the world, even when constrained by a tight budget.

Anthony Silverston, Mike Buckland, Tom van Waveren, Edward Galton, and Amy Keating Rogers are executive producers and Mulendema, the visionary behind Supa Team 4, also serves as a co-executive producer.

Ciara Breslin, in collaboration with Cake Entertainment and Triggerfish, takes on the role of producer. Complemented by the remarkable animation studio Superprod, Supa Team 4 brings together an extraordinary team of industry professionals dedicated to delivering a visually stunning and emotionally engaging series.

The main title theme for Supa Team 4 is a musical collaboration between two exceptional artists, Sampa the Great and Mag 44. Their combined talents promise to provide a vibrant and energetic soundtrack that perfectly complements the thrilling adventures of the teenage heroes.

With its logline promising a transformation from a motley crew of friends into undercover superheroes, Supa Team 4 explores the growth and development of these young girls as they navigate the challenges of their newfound responsibilities. From battling supervillains to tackling the complexities of teenage life, the series offers a unique blend of action, humor, and heartfelt moments.

Supa Team 4 not only marks Netflix’s foray into African animation but also celebrates the rich cultural diversity and talent emerging from the continent. With its engaging storyline, captivating animation, and relatable characters, the series promises to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Supa Team 4 will premiere on the streamer July 20, 2023, watch the trailer below.

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