Tyler Lepley, Kat Graham to Star in Tyler Perry’s First Amazon Project Black, White & Blue

Tyler Lepley, Kat Graham to Star in Tyler Perry's First Amazon Project Black, White & Blue

Tyler (never-not-working) Perry has announced his first project as part of a four-movie deal with Amazon Studios (READ HERE FOR MORE DETAILS). The film, titled “Black, White & Blue,” is a gripping police brutality drama written, directed, and produced by Perry himself. It features an impressive cast, including Kat Graham, Tyler Lepley, Meagan Tandy, Josh Adeyeye, RonReaco Lee, Jimi Stanton, Shannon LaNier, and Nick Barrotta.

The plot centers around Fela Blackburn, (Tandy), whose life is tragically torn apart when her husband, Rodney Blackburn, (Adeyeye), is killed by a police officer. Determined to uncover the truth and seek justice, Fela relies on the support of her best friend, Marley Wells (Graham), a lawyer, and her husband, Tony Wells (Lepley), a former cop turned private investigator. Together, they work to utilize their connections and resources to expose the truth behind the incident. However, as the story unfolds, Fela discovers that her entire existence is entangled in a web of lies and betrayal.

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Tyler Perry’s collaboration with Amazon Studios was announced in November 2022, and all four movies under the deal will be exclusively released on Prime Video. Joining Perry as producers on “Black, White & Blue” are Angi Bones and Will Areu from Tyler Perry Studios, along with Jamall Ellzy.

Prior to his partnership with Amazon, Tyler Perry had been working closely with Netflix, where he recently released the period drama “A Jazzman’s Blues.” He also launched the 12th installment of the popular “Madea” film franchise, titled “A Madea Homecoming,” on the streaming platform. Perry had previously established a first-look features deal with Lionsgate, which produced “A Madea Family Funeral” in 2019, grossing an impressive $75.8 million worldwide.

In addition to his success in film, Perry has also made a significant impact on television. He has a longstanding television partnership with Viacom and was responsible for eight series that aired in 2022, including notable shows like “The Oval,” “Assisted Living,” and “Sistas.”

While Tyler Perry’s collaboration with Amazon Studios marks an exciting new chapter in his career, it does not mean exclusivity with the streaming giant. Perry is currently directing “Six Triple Eight,” a WWII drama featuring Kerry Washington and Oprah Winfrey, and he is also working on the thriller “Mea Culpa,” starring Kelly Rowland, for Netflix.

With a track record of delivering compelling stories and thought-provoking narratives, Tyler Perry’s “Black, White & Blue” promises to captivate audiences as it explores the themes of justice, friendship, and the harsh realities of police brutality.



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