The Garcias: HBO Max is Re-imagining Nickelodeon’s The Brothers Garcia As a Sequel

the garcias

Talk about a blast from the past of how-did-we-forget-about-this-show. HBO Max is giving Nickelodeon’s sitcom The Brothers Garcia, a sequel entitled The Garcias.

If you don’t remember, The Brother’s Garcia aired on Nick for four seasons from 2000 to 2004. It was an original series that was billed as the first English-language sitcom to have an all Latino cast and creative team. It starred Ada Maris, Carlos Lacamara as the parents Sonia and Ray Garcia. Alvin Alvarez, Jeffrey Licon, Bobby Gonzalez, and Vaneza Pitynski starred as the Garcia children: Larry, Carlos, George, and Lorena.

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The original sitcom revolved around the four Garcia children in a Mexican American family living in San Antonio. In a similar vein to the Wonder Years, Larry’s adult version (John Leguizamo) narrated the series. Larry recounts his life alongside his siblings George, Carlos, and twin sister Lorena, and the way they deal with everyday problems such as school, work, growing up, and all living in one house.

Now all grown, the Garcia family is reuniting for a 10-episode sequel. The Garcias will reintroduce us to the Garcia children as adults and gathering with their parents for a three-month summer vacation in a fancy beach house. The Garcia siblings also now have diverse families of their own, reflecting the increasingly multi-racial complexion of American families. The core members mention above are reprising their roles with a number of original writers, directors and crew members returning to set.

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And following in true diverse fashion like its original, not only will the cast be diverse but the crew as well. The crew is 90%-plus Latinx and inclusive of the many ethnicities therein.

The new series stems from New Cadence Productions, the Brothers Garcia co-creator and executive producer Jeff Valdez’s banner. Valdez will also serve as showrunner, with “Brothers Garcia” alum Joey Gutierrez in the role of head writer.

Production is scheduled to begin in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico in June.

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