Art, Crime, and Overnight Success: Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman Shine in ‘The Kill Room’ [TRAILER]

the kill room trailer

The trailer for the highly-anticipated film “The Kill Room” (2023) has been released, featuring Hollywood legends Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman. This dark comedy thriller promises suspense, art, and intrigue, with a captivating narrative that explores the intersection of art, money, and criminal activities.

Penned by Jonathan Jacobson and directed by Nicol Paone, “The Kill Room” centers around Patrice Capullo (Uma Thurman), an art gallery owner who believes that genuine art reveals truths about the artist. When financial troubles threaten her gallery’s existence, Patrice’s world collides with that of an unlikely duo: hitman Reggie Pitt (Joe Manganiello) and his boss, Gordon Davis (Samuel L. Jackson).

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The trio forms an unconventional partnership, with Reggie and Gordon using the gallery as a front to launder money. To lend an air of legitimacy, Reggie creates paintings based on his real-life killings, unwittingly launching himself into the spotlight as an “accidental avant-garde sensation known as ‘The Bagman’ in the New York art scene,” as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

As tensions rise, Gordon wryly remarks that Reggie’s paintings could sell for millions, drawing no suspicion from the IRS. However, their criminal pursuits take an unexpected turn as they become entangled in a risky plot to assassinate a Russian oligarch. The trailer offers a glimpse into the trio’s high-stakes game of survival, where alliances are tested, and the line between the art world and the criminal underworld blurs.

“The Kill Room” marks the exciting reunion of Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman, who previously shared the screen in Quentin Tarantino’s iconic “Pulp Fiction.” Their chemistry promises to bring an electrifying dynamic to this gripping crime thriller.

The film also features a talented ensemble cast, including Joe Manganiello as hitman Reggie Pitt, and Maya Hawke, who shares the screen with her real-life mother, Uma Thurman. The trailer showcases their performances as they navigate a world of deception, danger, and unexpected fame.

Shout! Studios has announced a nationwide theatrical release date of September 29th for “The Kill Room.” Get a first look at the upcoming film below.

Samuel L Jackson to Star in Dark Thriller <I>The Kill Room</i>

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