Ryan Michelle Bathe, Terry Crews to Star in Comedy Pilot JumpStart


Ryan Michelle Bathé and Terry Crews have been cast as the lead actors in the CBS multi-camera comedy pilot JumpStart. The series hopeful is based on the long-running comic strip by Robb Armstrong that first debuted in 1989.

The show follows the lives of Joe, a cop played by Crews, his wife Marcy, played by Bathé, a nurse, and Joe’s partner Crunchy in Philadelphia. The show will depict the young parents with old school values who are willing to make sacrifices for their children while having some laughs in the process.

The pilot will be directed by Kelly Park and penned by Wayne Conley. The project is produced by Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, Wendi Trilling’s TrillTV, and CBS Studios.

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Bathé’s character Marcy is a hard-working nurse with a natural maternal instinct and wisdom beyond her years. She shares a close bond with Joe and they are supportive of each other even when they disagree. Together, they navigate the challenges of raising their two teen kids in their middle-class Philadelphia neighborhood while finding plenty of opportunities for laughter along the way.

Crews’ character Joe Cobb is a devoted husband, son, father, and Philadelphia police officer. As a proud Black man, he often feels the pressure to be flawless in each of his roles, especially in light of controversies surrounding law enforcement. Despite this, Joe remains a charming and exuberant role model in his community. He loves his family dearly, but also makes endearing and hilarious mistakes that will keep audiences rooting for him.

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The pilot will be executive produced by Park and Conley, as well as Kaplan and Melanie Frankel of Kapital Entertainment, Trilling for TrillTV, and Armstrong’s producer Bridget McMeel for Andrews McMeel Entertainment. Armstrong himself will also be involved as a co-executive producer, with Jessie Abbott serving as Kapital’s creative executive on the project.

As of now the kids have yet to be cast and there is no release date attached. Come back for more updates!

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