There’s a Tyler Perry Documentary Coming to Prime Video Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story

tyler perry documentary

I think we’ve all been wanting to see a Tyler Perry documentary and now we’re getting it.

Amazon Studios is gearing up to release a compelling new documentary, 10 years in the making, that delves deep into the life and career of the extraordinary Tyler Perry. A true multi-hyphenate – encompassing roles as a writer, actor, filmmaker, and media mogul – Perry’s journey will be meticulously chronicled in this upcoming documentary titled “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.” Set to debut on Prime Video come November 17th, this film promises an intimate exploration of Perry’s life, touching on both his professional accomplishments and his personal transformation.

Directed by Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz, “Maxine’s Baby” holds special significance as it pays tribute to Perry’s late mother, Willie Maxine Perry, whose influence played a profound role in shaping his identity. This endeavor has been in the works for nearly a decade, allowing unparalleled access to Perry’s world and untold stories. Beyond the glitz and glamour of his Hollywood success, the documentary aims to unveil Perry’s lesser-known struggles and triumphs, rooted in healing from childhood trauma and translating adversity into motivation.

Gelila Bekele, a prominent activist, documentary filmmaker, and model, takes the helm not just as the director but also as a producer through her Bekele Films banner. She also is the mother to Perry’s son. Her prior works, such as “Anbessa” and “MAi: Life Is Not Honey,” exhibit her knack for portraying poignant narratives and shedding light on crucial societal issues.

It’s noteworthy that “Maxine’s Baby” exists independently from Amazon’s recent collaboration with Perry on a four-picture deal. This deal encompasses original projects with Perry’s involvement as a writer, director, and producer. The documentary stands as a distinct endeavor, offering a comprehensive view of Perry’s evolution as a father, artist, and media magnate, exemplifying the idea of remaining connected to one’s roots while striving for new heights.

However of Perry’s four-picture deal he already has two projects in the work: Divorce in the Black and Black, White and Blue.

(Originally read on Variety)



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