Andre 3000 Joins Don Cheadle, Jodie Turner-Smith and More in White Noise

white noise

André 3000 is joining the cast of Noah Baumbach’s White Noise for Netflix. He joins Adam Driver, Don Cheadle, Greta Gerwig and Jodie Turner-Smith in the satirical film.

Directed by Noah Baumbach White Noise is based on Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel of the same name.

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The film follows a year in the life of Jack Gladney (Driver), a professor who made a name for himself by pioneering the field of Adolf Hitler studies at a college known as The-College-on-the-Hill. He also happens to be obsessed with his own morality, a fear that he’s forced to confront when his life and career are thrown off course by a cataclysmic chemical spill in his hometown. With his fourth wife Babette (Gerwig) and their kids, they are forced to face the threat of death together.

No details have been revealed on the role Andre 3000 will play. Raffey Cassidy, Alessandro Nivola and his children May Nivola and Sam Nivola are also cast.

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Production for the reportedly $80 million film is currently underway in Cleveland. White Noise is set to be released on the platform in 2022.

Up next Andrew will star in Showing Up, which is described as “a vibrant and sharply funny portrait of an artist on the verge of a career-changing exhibition.”

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