Shar Jackson and Tweet to Star in New Sitcom ‘Alisa and Mahogany’

alisa and mahogany

Shar Jackson, known for her roles in “Moesha” and “Good Burger,” joins R&B sensation Charlene “Tweet” Keys in the upcoming sitcom ‘Alisa and Mahogany.’ This new series, featuring an ensemble of talented actors, is set to air on Independent Network Royal K TV.

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Joining Shar Jackson and Charlene “Tweet” Keys includes Dayveon Porter, Andre Doc Williams, Jermel Wilson, Ron’Netta, Jean Charles, Sencere Brown, and Jordynn Farley, who will be regulars on the show.

The show’s storyline follows Alisa, who returns to her hometown after graduating from fashion college. She seizes the opportunity to open a fashion store and pursue her passion for singing. As time passes, Alisa, now remarried and a mother of three. She’s also now the owner of three successful stores. Alisa is now coming back to her hometown and open another branch conjoined with a beauty salon, along with her childhood friend Essence.

Mahogany is called into help this time as their business partner because of a crisis that affects her and her family lives.

The show will feature an array of guest stars, including but not limited to Melba Moore, Syleena Johnson, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Alphonso Settles, Lemastor Sparting, Kaamel Hasaun, and many more.

‘Alisa and Mahogany’ will consist of fifteen episodes. The production company responsible for bringing this series to life is DJL Concept Creations LLC/Beverly Boy Productions, with DeAndre Little serving as the creator, writer, and executive producer. Shar Jackson will also be an executive producer.

‘Alisa and Mahogany’ is scheduled to begin production in June 2024, stay tuned for more updates.

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